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By The Grey Squirrel, May 13 2017 02:46AM

For those of us who love nature, spring is an amazing time of year no matter the location, but here in Big Bear, spring takes on a whole new life! With all the greenery from top to bottom, the flowers aren't the only thing in full blossom! The lake is now open, which brings excited guests to our little oasis time and time again. Don't forget to take a hike this spring! There is no doubt Big Bear is the place to be when it comes to breath taking hiking trails and scenery, so don't miss out on the unbeatable weather and recommended trails! Family fun is waiting for you at any of our family friendly resorts, don't forget your fuzzy friend, as The Grey Squirrel is also pet friendly, along with many of our private homes! So you can bring everyone out to experience this special time of year! We are also gearing up for summer so take a dip our sparkling pool (open soon!)

By The Grey Squirrel, Apr 22 2017 03:35AM

Spring is happening and we couldn't be more pleased with the perfect weather! The lake is now open for fishing, but don't forget all the awesome action sports coming up for the lake and on land! Big Bear is the destination this spring that is sure to put a smile on everyones face! Explore our beautiful forest on the hiking trails, or go jet skiing on the lake! Come see Big Bear in it's prime this vacation, bring the family and re connect with friends! It's the season for sharing adventures and there are more than enough to go around! Even if you're looking to skip the adventure and relax for a bit, there is no better time or place! get in touch with nature again and unwind!

By The Grey Squirrel, Mar 27 2017 05:46PM

Spring Break is right around the corner, and everyone is excited to get out to Big Bear with family and friends! Put on your sandals, tanning lotion, and bring your boat up! It’s time to gear up for the perfect lake weather and the gorgeous greenery popping up thanks to spring! Nothing quite compares to relaxing in the mountains and exploring the outdoors of our forest with loved ones, it’s what makes this time of year so special, and brings people here time after time.

We are happy to see that spring has finally arrived, and with it all the busy buzzing bees, sunny days, beautiful sights, and plenty to do in town, and in nature, you have every reason to visit! Come to the mountains and see all the amazing things happening in Big Bear this spring season!

By The Grey Squirrel, Mar 18 2017 01:19AM

It’ S.T. pattys day and we hope everyone is celebrating and enjoying our beautiful grounds and homes. Spring is coming along nicely in our little mountain town, and we are so excited to see our guests dust off their hiking boots and get out in to nature! This time of year brings the perfect weather for exploring, how could you stay in?! With the trails beginning to open up to the public we enter a new season of fun! Tell spooky stories by the fire pit, bring your pet to enjoy the forest, or pick up something new! The ski resorts aren’t closed yet, so there is still time to catch the slopes. Heading in to our spring season we have a large assortment of hiking trails, and with the lake opening up soon everyone will be out on the water! We can’t wait to see the flood of amazing photos and stories this season will create!

By The Grey Squirrel, Mar 12 2017 01:20AM

As we bid a fond farewell to Jack Frost, we have a warm hello from spring! This is the time outdoor activities start to roll in, and our wonderful guests with it! Not sure what to do after the slopes close? There are still plenty of great things to enjoy in Big Bear, and thanks to the warmer weather hiking, biking, and more, will be open for you to enjoy soon! Don’t forget about the outdoor BBQing and S’mores! We truly love this time of year because it brings family and friends together, and brings them out in to nature because of the unbeatable weather!

Now that the season for snow is winding down, Big Bear will be turning into a beautiful green oasis! We can’t wait to watch the flowers bloom, and our beautiful lake to open up for fishing and swimming! We had plenty of snow this season, which brings lots of fresh lake water to play in! get out and jet ski or come out and enjoy the picturesque sights!

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