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 Big Bear Lake, CA

Spring Deals:

From March 15-June 11, 2015, we have 2 offers available. You can choose to stay 3 nights and only pay for 2, or you can take 20% off any 2-day stay. These offers do include weekends, but are not valid on holidays.

Military Discount:

We offer an ongoing military discount - restrictions do apply during holidays and special events, but its available well over 300 days a year. Our military discount offers 10% off a 2-day stay, including weekends. We appreciate the work of our military, and this discount is our way of saying thanks.

Activity Packages:

These packages offer a discount on lodging and activity tickets when the two are booked together. For spring and summer, they include aqua flight, zip line, helicopter, alpine slide, bowling, lake tours, jet ski rentals and boat rentals. To explore and book these packages, use this link, and specify the Grey Squirrel Resort:

Ski/Board  Packages: Discount tickets now available for Child and Young Adult (must be with an Adult)

Week-end packages get you a 15% Discount off Lodging and Lift Ticket

Mid-week packages will get you a 25% Discount off all lift tickets and Lodging

Find discounts and vacation packages for your next getaway

We know vacations are a luxury, and we’re happy to offer discounts and activity packages when we can to make Big Bear visits easier on your family’s budget. Please note that only one discount may be utilized at a time, and it need to be arranged when the reservation is made. To get updates on our deals, “like” us on Facebook.  


Also, we’re proud that we charge no hidden fees - no cleaning fee, booking or reservation fees, parking fee, rental charges to use amenities, or change fees if your dates need to switch. This isn’t a special promotion, it’s just the way we do business, and it’s a savings that benefits you every single time you stay with us.

 •  Aqua Flight

 •  Zip Line

 •  Helicopter

 •  Alpine Slide

 •  Bowling

 •  Lake tours

 •  Jet Ski rentals and more

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Along with our affordable nightly rates, you'll also be able to apply generous discounts to reduce your rental rates even further. Call today to inquire about our discounted rental rates and vacation packages.


A variety of specialty packages available

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