Big Bear Birding

Pelicans at Baker Pond

Pelicans at Baker Pond

Big Bear is a fantastic place for birding. It’s known for a variety of birds, including rare ones like the Whip-poor-will and Grey Vireo. Of all of the animals inhabiting the San Bernardino Mountains, birds are the most abundant.

Bald Eagles are known to inhabit the north shore. We’ve watched baby eagles hatch and grow in this area. The Forest Service counts them regularly. Several of them stay around the lake. You’ll see them flying in the upper air currents and diving into the lake for fish.

On the east side of Starvation Flats Rd. is Baker Pond. Park at the corner and walk along the wooden bridge that hugs the shoreline. There are usually plenty of Cranes, Blue Heron and Ducks to enjoy, along with plenty of Seagulls and Crows. If you’re a photographer, bring your long range lens.

We enjoy watching the Hummingbirds. They come in a variety of “electric” colors and usually arrive in the early Spring. They’re territorial and one group will take over your feeder, fending all intruders away. The birds return to the high desert once the temperatures stay below freezing.

Stellar Jays are common to our area, along with Robins and Finches. If you’re an early riser, you’ll hear them at the Resort. They’re usually looking for worms and insects on our grounds. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit out on your porch and enjoy the show!

Get yourself a Big Bear Cabin and begin your mountain adventure. The temperatures are in the sixties, the sun is shining and the skies are blue.

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